Nation Makers Accolade

Rev Scott Lovett is Overseer of Real Church & Fervent Fire Ministries in Tulsa Oklahoma. His wife Christine is the founder and head of True Foundation a Principle Approach homeschool ministry of their church. After reviewing the recently revised and updated FACE curriculum, Nation Makers the Art of Self Government, the Lovett’s decided to make this course an integral … Continue reading “Nation Makers Accolade”

Should I be teaching more?

Home is the primary classroom for every child and every parent searches for tools that help establish habits of scholarship, teach principles, and develop thinking and reasoning skills.  In an era where the deconstruction of language is one of the root causes of a culture spiraling out of control, incorporating a bedrock source for the … Continue reading “Should I be teaching more?”

The Character and Influence of One Man

Most Americans know George Washington led Americans to independence and served as our first president, but few recognize that his unique contributions to our nation are the fruit of his deep religious conviction and great strength of character. Historian and FACE founder Verna M. Hall knew that it is impossible to understand Washington the man without … Continue reading “The Character and Influence of One Man”

Give the gift that requires no wrapping and is guaranteed to last a lifetime

Give the gift of liberty this Christmas. No wrapping required and the benefits last a lifetime. For only $99, get a subscription to the entire 2019 Lessons in Liberty sessions PLUS one all-day session of Renewing the Mind Teacher Training (a $70 value). That’s a 34% savings. In addition, all registered attendees will receive access … Continue reading “Give the gift that requires no wrapping and is guaranteed to last a lifetime”

Bonding Parents to Your Mission

Open a “Red Book” on nearly any page and you will be mining gold.  We shared one particular nugget in summer teacher training that everyone treasures:  The Christian Home.  Every teacher and every school seeks strong relationships with the parents and homes served for the best partnership in educating the children because “…the development of … Continue reading “Bonding Parents to Your Mission”