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A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have the opportunity to lead nations to Christ.

Rosalie Slater

In a year of many challenges, we have experienced a renewed concern for education and a demand for the essential teaching and training offered by The Foundation for American Christian Education. All over the country, parents are being confronted by the indoctrination of their children and the lack of biblical truth being taught in their schools through the curriculum. The confusion that has plagued our youth in America has had a light shown on it to reveal the source of that confusion to be education. FACE has a solution to this desperate need in America that can be met with your help.

When we leave our children with a void in their souls of identity in Christ, providential purpose and Biblical principles, then they are left to fill it with whatever emotional pull that makes them feel valued or a part of something. We are created for a purpose, and a Biblical education is essential to fulfilling that purpose.

Carey Woodruff

Will you please consider giving a year-end gift to help us reach even more people with the transformative power of Principle Approach Education? 

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