Working to be a Stonesetter

On Monday, February 17  a group of Patriots gathered at the Hall-Slater
Christian History Library to hear a special one-hour presentation on how the
Foundation for American Christian Education is working to be a
“Stonesetter,” preserving and propagating the Christian principles that are
the basis for our God-given liberty and that restore our republic.  Our nation
urgently needs to be reminded of God’s provision. If this is
forgotten, our liberty will be lost.  FACE Safeguards History (His Story),
Teaches Biblical Principles and Plants the Seeds of Christian
Self-Government.  We were told of the FACE’s plan to rebuild the culture
upon America’s founding principles by educating the building blocks of
communities: the family, the church, and the school.

Top image: Carey Woodruff, Executive VP of FACE, presents the results of the PEERS Test during the Stonesetters presentation.