Your gift makes a difference.

Your generosity helps us to restore our nation through education.

We recognize the strength that the Lord has given FACE for over 50 years in preparing us for such a time as this. We are grateful to our many partners in supporting this work.  

It is not too late to restore our nation and its Biblical heritage. God is the author and He is still writing “His Story” and the story of America. You can have an impact! We ask your help to equip an army of restorers on the front line of truth in education: Christian teachers, school administrators, churches, patriots, pastors, are all desperate for solutions.

As the urgent need for restoring Christian education grows — with more and more families reaching out, looking for help in homeschooling, training in Principle Approach online courses, developing school support, and multi-generational re-education — we are scaling up our operations to keep pace with the demand. Thank you for your generous gift today. You can make a difference. 

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