Teaching Character through the life of George Washington

Teach your children the story of this real life hero, George Washington, and discover how he was prepared for his life’s calling. The life of Washington shows how true American political leadership is created and lived, as well as provides an example for one’s own self-government.

The Making of George Washington, a classic biography, studies Washington’s early life and the influences that shaped his personality and leadership abilities. It explores the development of his moral character and modesty, courage and honesty, consideration of others, self-discipline and prodigious will to work, determination to do right and spirit of selfless service. Appropriate for middle school and upper elementary ages. 229 page paperback.

Teaching George Washington: Teacher Guide by Rosalie J. Slater. This teacher guide employs two biographies of our first President, George Washington: Character and Influence of One Man by Verna Hall, and The Making of George Washington by William H. Wilbur. This guide is written in Rosalie Slater’s incomparable style and brings a new acquaintance with the father of our nation. It captures knowledge of our first president found nowhere else. Inspire your students and yourself with this moving study of the real George Washington. 35 page paperback.

Teaching George Washington: The Notebook Packet also available, written by Rosalie Slater, is designed to be used with Teaching George Washington and George Washington: Character and Influence of One Man. The Notebook Packet directs the study of the book in a classic method, designed to be reflective and to make a record of the study. It is appropriate for high school and adult study. 25 page paperback.

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