Politics or Principles?

Public virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private, and public Virtue is the Foundation of Republics.

John Adams

The Founding Fathers of our nation had a clear conception of Christian character and Christian citizenship as part of the inseparable fabric of our nation.

Learning the foundational Biblical principles of economics, education, international relations, healthcare, family life, immigration and the countless issues flooding this election season can turn the tide of secularization in our culture. 

The road home for Americans is paved with Biblical truth. When we look at the world through Biblical lenses, hope replaces dread and practical steps appear.

However, in every age there are new attempts to prevent or destroy righteous government. Citizens are responsible for their nation. It is  your DUTY as an American citizen to VOTE!

Teach the Children:

  1. YOU are the guardian of liberty!
  2. Learn the difference between a political message and a timeless principle.
  3. Beginning with a wrong assumption will produce the wrong conclusion.

…concerning a perversity of judgment and intellect, from which arise a multiplicity of shameful errors by which good things are judged as evil, and evil as good.

(A Sketch of the Christian’s Catechism, William Ames)