For God and Country Biblical Worldview Summit

Dr. Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services at FACE, and Dan Smithwick, President of Nehemiah Institute, were speakers at the “For God and Country Biblical Worldview Summit” attended by approximately 150 people and hosted by World Outreach Worship Center in Newport News, Virginia. The October 17 event was also streamed live across the country. The summit consisted of four presentations as follows: 

America’s Story of Life and Education.  This presentation, by Dan Smithwick, shows the story of America’s founding and development with special emphasis on education philosophy and practices.  The session reveals the “worldview shift” over America’s 240 years from the Christian worldview to the Secular/Socialist worldview, and the consequences of it. 

Taking Every Thought Captive: Why a Biblical Worldview is a Non-Negotiable for Every Follower of Jesus. This session, by Max Lyons, explained why each of us must steward our worldview for Christ. II Cor. 10:5 is a mandate to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” This includes thoughts about government, economics, history, science, philosophy, and more. 

The Worldview of Youth and the Churches Response. This presentation, by Dan Smithwick, showed the worldview shift of our youth over the past 30 years with explanation for why the abandonment of the Christian faith by young people is the logical outcome, yet the hope remains in American schooling for the reversal of the worldview shift with Church leadership. 

Solutions and Tools: We Can Do This!   Resources from both presenters are proven to be effective for families and churches in equipping youth and adults with a mature Biblical worldview as the foundation for academic excellence.

“For God and Country Biblical Worldview Summit” proved to be one of the most successful training sessions conducted by FACE and Nehemiah Institute in aiding a local church in understanding and implementing a “worldview foundation” for its members and the community. 

If you should desire to have a Biblical Worldview event hosted by your church, please contact the Foundation for American Christian Education at 757-488-6601 or e-mail Max Lyons

For God and Country Biblical Worldview Summit at World Outreach Worship Center in Newport News, Virginia
FACE exhibit table offers many resources in teaching and learning America’s Biblical history.