Discover the root of American liberty and the art of self government

Rev. Scott Lovett is Overseer of Real Church & Fervent Fire Ministries in Tulsa Oklahoma. His wife Christine, is the founder and head of True Foundation, a Principle Approach homeschool ministry. After reviewing the recently revised and updated FACE curriculum, Nation Makers the Art of Self Government, the Lovetts decided to make this course an integral part of their church’s discipleship program. Listen to Christine explain in her own words!

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government book and Teacher Guide

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation, one that enjoys the religious liberty to uphold its nature. Each generation must inculcate the “idea of America” anew, and this book explains in a clear and concise way what that means. 

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government is a course designed to teach the root of American history which cannot be separated from the history of Christianity. If we are to appreciate the sacred trust of Christian self-government, we must understand it in the context of a Bible-loving and a Bible-living people.

Nation Makers is appropriate for:

  • Small group home study
  • Middle school and high school students
  • Sunday School classes
  • Individual study

Nation Makers: the Art  of Self-Government, by Rosalie J. Slater and Verna M. Hall, edited by Carole G. Adams, 142 pages, 8 1/2” X 11” soft cover, regular price $29.95, now 20% off for only $23.96 with code BMNM. Also includes a FREE PDF downloadable Teacher Planner Guide. (Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government was previously published as Rudiments of America’s Christian History)

We are all inspired and enlightened by the content of the course, as well as the thoughtful questions and student exercises incorporated into the book.  It seems to me that God has prepared this book for Biblical Christians to reclaim “the idea of America.” The Nation Makers course is KEY to training adults and students to know and to live out the Biblical principles that formed our nation.

Kathy Radar, Head of Schools, Stonebridge School, Chesapeake, Virginia

Order Nation Makers: the Art of Self Government with with FREE Teacher Guide today and get started on renewing and expanding your understanding of the true “idea of America”. 

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Nation Makers: The Art of Self-Government Video Training Course

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government Video Workshop

This 10-hour video workshop is a companion to the book and equips teachers, parents, pastors and patriots with the skills to form habits of thinking that will help toward their fullest expression in Christ. The emphasis on character and Christian self-government fulfills our Founding Fathers’ ideal of an American education to sustain the Christian constitutional republic. Master Teachers present a revision of the original course published by Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater, Rudiments of America’s Christian History, retaining the authentic course content within the context of current educational needs of older adolescents or anyone desiring to deepen their understanding of America’s Christian form of government. In addition, this course demonstrates the contrast between traditional methods of education and the Principle Approach which is crucial to those involved in the education of children. Included in this10-hour course is a demonstration of the importance of placing geography in the context of history and government, and the introduction of a missing link on the Chain of Christianity—the Reformation of Education.

Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government Video Course, 10 hours, taught by Dr. Carole Adams, Margie Lyons, Master Teacher and Dr. Max Lyons. Regular price $60, now 20% off for only $48 with code BMNM. Delivered as a video download.

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