Give the gift that is truly meaningful.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines words based on Biblical thinking, not worldly wisdom. Give the graduates in your life a gift that will enhance their vocabulary, sharpen their thinking and deepen their understanding.

In an era where the deconstruction of language is one of the root causes of a culture spiraling out of control, incorporating a bedrock source for the development of communication skills is crucial.

Webster’s 1828 facsimile edition is a primary source and a companion to learning. It has the greatest number of Biblical definitions of any dictionary and develops a way of thinking that forms your worldview. Modern dictionaries reflect the current cultural corruptions and erosion of vocabulary, but the Webster’s 1828 is the gold standard of language for today’s Christian scholar. 

More than any book, other than the Bible, Webster’s 1828 dictionary will have a profound impact on your graduate. Beautiful green vellum hardbound cover with Paul Revere gold embossed eagle, 2,000 pages. Regular $56.95 now 20% off for just $45.56 with code GRAD.

Webster’s 1828 is the perfect gift for every grad.
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