Rescuing Our Children National Tour with Alex Newman

We invite you to join Alex Newman, along with concerned parents and national and statewide leaders, for this historic opportunity as we explore what we need to do to begin to rebuild the culture through education. Rescuing Our Children and Our Nation will be presented in 40 locations this summer.
The New American magazine released a special report exposing the existential crisis posed to America and freedom by a government education system based on the atheist/humanist/Marxist worldview. The report, entitled “Rescuing Our Children,” dedicated the entire February 4, 2019 issue of the magazine to the transformation of America’s public education system into what the authors describe as an indoctrination program to dumb down children and undermine the Republic.
Educator and award-winning international journalist Alex Newman, author of the best-selling book Crimes of the Educators, argued that the future of America and her liberties depends on this battle. “We recognize that calling for a mass exodus of children from government schools is still considered a radical proposal by some,” said Newman. “But as we show clearly in this Special Report, it is time for radical solutions to this existential crisis. Our country, our churches, our freedoms, and our families are all on the line. We must take urgent action—now.”

Mr. Newman will begin his four month Nationwide Education Tour, speaking in 40 locations in 22 states. See his national tour schedule here and make plans to attend.

Most importantly, share this with others and please invite your pastor to attend!

National Tour Schedule

Virginia Tour Schedule and Registration

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