Hope is stronger than fear

FACE recently received an update on the work of John and Suzanne Hunter who are founders and head of a Principle Approach school in Namibia in Africa. This story of Nabot, one of their school’s graduates is told by Suzanne.

Nabot was accepted into the University of Namibia’s School of Medicine.

John and I started Community Hope in 2005. We wanted to do something that would help erase the ugly stain of poverty on the families in Namibia. Nabot is one of our success stories.

Nabot is an orphan. I’ve known him since the tender age of six when he began his elementary education at Community Hope. He lives in a small cinder-block home in the Damara location of Katutura with his Auntie and Granny. He shares a room with his teenage cousins. Because Nabot is a dedicated student, his Auntie and Granny reserve their own bedroom for his study. Nabot graduated from high school last December with honors as the top student in his high school. He is a fervent young man with strong character, tenacity and a passion for science. This week Nabot was accepted into the University of Namibia’s School of Medicine. A Professor at the Medical School told me he was waiting for the day when our first student would be eligible to study there. Nabot earned this placement, yet, often the poor and needy don’t have the means, support or encouragement to reach for a higher position in life.

Because of this overwhelming disadvantage, I strive to stay in touch with our graduates, to encourage them to keep trying in their years of difficult adjustments, hard challenges and overwhelming social challenges at high school. This is just the beginning for Nabot and the many others who received their academic foundation at Community Hope School!

I train my teachers and students to love learning. We encourage probing questions and genuine curiosity. The school breathes an environment of learning. Teachers take time to read to the children. Students are introduced to good books and are taught to understand not just memorize. From day one, they learn how to care for themselves, and each other. They enjoy healthy meals to support their growing bodies. Most important of all, we teach children that God has an important plan for each of them, that they are special and have a vital role to play.

We at FACE are grateful to God for raising up principled leaders like John and Suzanne Hunter who are making such a profound difference in the lives of the next generation in America and around the world.  

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