Leadership Briefing

Over 20 Virginia business leaders, educators, pastors and patriots attended the first Leadership Briefing at the Hall-Slater Library Tuesday, February 26 to learn about the ministry of FACE and the impact of a Principle Approach education on the lives of our nation’s youth. These leaders understood that education is at the core of every national issue. “Education today determines tomorrow’s philosophy and scope of government, quality of culture, influence of the church, strength of the family and health of our economy,” said Carey Woodruff, Executive Vice President. “FACE has developed a multi-generational plan to rebuild the culture through the expansion and development of Principle Approach centers throughout the nation.”

FACE is a 55+ year old ministry that has tirelessly worked to teach Americans their legacy of Christian self-government. The Principle Approach philosophy of education is the proven method of teaching and learning that created a founding generation of Americans that established our liberty and it is the answer to restore our nation.

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