Christian Education Initiative Launch

Dear FACE Friends,

To rebuild the culture multi-generationally, we must begin with teaching the children. At FACE, we know that every major issue of concern to Christians today began in America’s schoolrooms.   

“A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have the opportunity to lead nations to christ… ‘a little child shall lead them…’”

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Christian Education Initiative focused upon turning the tide through education.  

Visit the new CEI website for a full list of members and the initiatives mission.

Carole Adams

For Immediate Release

The Christian Education Initiative (CEI), with 18 member organizations, announces its formation for the purpose of advancing the cause of biblical Christian education in K-12 education, including college students and adults. Members of CEI include Dr. Gary House; Jay Jusino, Equipping Teachers International; Jeff Keaton (CEO), Ron Gordon (COO), Renewanation; Dr. Carole Adams & Dr. Max Lyons, The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE); Stephen McDowell, The Providence Foundation; Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Chairman) and Gail Moore, Frontline Ministries, Inc. and Exodus Mandate; Kevin R. Novak, Deconstructing the Coliseum; Gary Porter, Constitution Leadership Initiative; Karl Priest, Exodus Mandate (West Virginia representative); Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy and Reformed Bible Church; Roberto Rinaldi, Association of Principled Education Christian Schools (AECEP); Don and Chris Schanzenbach, Mission to Restore America; Mark Shepard, Planting Seeds to Renew America; Mr. Steven C. Smith, Henricus Colledge, 1619; Dan Smithwick, Nehemiah Institute; Paul and Gena Suarez, The Old Schoolhouse; Israel Wayne, Family Renewal Ministries, LLC; Pastor Travis Witt, American Transformation Company.

E. Ray Moore, founder and president of Frontline Ministries, Inc., and Exodus Mandate and CEI Chairman announced, “Now is the time for like-minded ministries to unite and promote a national movement to expand biblical worldview education. We are not government school reformers but are rather encouraging parents to provide a biblically based education for their churches and children. Christian children need Christian education.”

The Christian Education Initiative (CEI) is a Bible-based, evangelical alliance of member organizations whose purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God by growing Christian education, thus helping to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the cultural mandate (Genesis 1:28-29; Matthew 5:13-14).

Dan Smithwick, president of the Nehemiah Institute, observes, “The Worldview Shift in America of the past 30 years is the greatest abandonment of the Judeo-Christian faith since our nation’s founding. Results of Nehemiah Institute’s unique worldview assessment, The PEERS Test, provides documented evidence that our nation’s government-run educational system is systematically and intentionally erasing our roots to the Christian faith.” Smithwick believes this is the single greatest threat to the future of our free Republic. He has stated in numerous conferences that, “It is time for the Church to make an unqualified decision that local churches will once again, in conjunction with parents, take on full responsibility for the education of their children.“ Smithwick argues that the Church must cease asking the secularized, de-Christianized school system to educate her children.

For further information visit the CEI website or contact Max Lyons.

CEI Membership List