You can make an impact with your generosity!

You can impact many generations of youth for real and lasting change in our nation.

Dear Friend,

Together, we are taking back the education of Christian children in America! The momentum is building as pastors and leaders across the nation urgently call Christian families to exit the secular, government schools that have redefined truth and freedom away from Christ and unleashed evil in opposition to the liberty brought by the Gospel. We are witnessing a new awareness among God’s people to take a stand for our children and for their future. The energy and trust you place in the Lord for restoration is impactful.

With your investment we are making Biblical Christian education accessible to families across the nation. The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE), with your support, is on a well-paced path to: 

  • Develop 50 Principle Approach demonstration schools replicating the successful model that forms a comprehensive Biblical worldview through K-12 education in homes or schools.
  • Train teachers in the FACE Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification program for schools everywhere.
  • Influence parents, grandparents, pastors, educators through Principled Studies Groups in communities, schools, and churches to enlighten adult decision-makers of the pathway to restoring the culture through education.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider the Foundation for American Christian Education in your year-end giving. This can be in the form of an immediate impact gift—or a longer term, strategic partnership in our Plan. Continue reading…

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