Who is your hero?

(Painting: Washington Crossing the Delaware (1871), by George Caleb Bingham.)

Many people today find their heroes in the media culture, and according to The Barna Group, two-thirds of Americans say pro athletes have more influence on our society than faith leaders. But traditionally American Christians have looked to their elected leadership for role models. Can you find a hero there today?

George Washington, our first president, understood that as an elected leader he had a duty to be the role model that all other presidents would follow. He knew that his entire life would be carefully examined, not by some prying journalist, but by God to whom Washington knew he would be fully accountable. So he set his heart and mind to be the President that would set the standard for all others to follow and began to build a foundation for a young nation to shine the light of liberty to the entire world.

You can teach your children the story of this real life hero, George Washington, and discover how he was prepared for his life’s calling. By studying the life of Washington, we learn how true American political leadership is created and lived.

February also commemorates President’s Day. Learn more about our nation’s first president by reading George Washington: The Character and Influence of One Man. Extensive scholarly research by Verna M. Hall highlights Washington’s deep faith in the providence of God and the Christian principles by which he lived.

Let George Washington’s life teach leadership, love of family and heroism through first hand accounts from his contemporaries. Understand his influence, see how God shaped his life from childhood, and formed him into a man of influence. In this beautifully illustrated, hardbound volume, you and your family will discover:

  • Why George Washington was the most voluminous American writer of his period
  • How his principles of government have had more influence on the development of America than any other man
  • How his modern ideas of engineering operations impacted the building of canals and draining of swamps
  • How he became a bank director and investor
  • Why he was one of the first to recognize and work to capture the power of water transportation

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