What do you want for your child’s education?

Today, more than ever, the future of our children depends upon the nature and quality of their education. It is easy to trace most of the ills of our nation and the decline from its original purpose to the actual root cause—government education. Your child is God’s promise, a hope and investment in the future. As a Christian parent what are you called to do? How do you “discover” the answer for your child’s education? Is there a philosophy and method of education suited for the “whole child” mind, body and spirit?

Preparing our children to fulfill their individual God-given purpose. The most successful method of education ever practiced in our nation has been called the Principle Approach.  It resulted in a highly educated populace that produced the greatest liberty and prosperity known to man, and created a system of government envied by every nation.

What makes The Principle Approach work? Using Biblical truths, or principles, as the foundation of every subject, students are taught to think and reason from “leading ideas”. They develop as fully-formed individuals, firmly planted on the Truths of God’s Word. This approach to education is known as “reflective teaching and learning” forming character and scholarship.

Every Child a Promise. This 16-page booklet is a simple introduction to Principle Approach education, emphasizing the secular/Christian contrast and documenting the results. “Every Child a Promise” is for parents making decisions about the education of their children, grandparents, pastors and patriots. It is also useful for introductory presentations in any setting to make the Principle Approach mission plain to all. Individually priced at $5, but you can order in bulk and save 25% with code ECAP25.