You shall be called the repairer of the breach.

A recent study from The Barna Group shows that two-thirds of 18-29 year olds abandon their faith. Another study by America’s Research Group, shows that 75 percent of public school students abandon their faith by the time they graduate from high school. Eighty-five percent of Christian families send their children to public schools and only fifteen percent are given a Christian education.

What are we doing? Why have Christians abandoned teaching Biblical truth to their children? Why do we not remember the essential Biblical mandate to teach our sons and our son’s sons? Who owns your children?

Education is not neutral. We have lost focus and lost several generations as a result. Education used to have the attention of parents, something they labored in constructing, as the time they have with their children is so very short. Children do not belong to the state, they belong to the parent. And parents should have jurisdiction over the minds of their children.

For far too long socialist-leaning Americans have controlled our education system through the public schools and we have just sat back and allowed it. Many of you may not know how to undo much of what is happening. It seems too big to overcome. But I want you to know that it only takes one drop of water to create a ripple in the pond. Just so with changing education in America.

FACE is leading the charge to make known to the nation that there is another way. That parents have a choice when it comes to education and that those choices will not only change their child’s life, but will impact the future of our nation.  

We can and will through our many drops create a ripple that will become a wave washing over America. You can stand with us and strengthen our voice by joining in this fight. If everyone who understands the necessity of reeducating communities will donate, they will help FACE achieve this vision to restore the nation to Biblical truth through education.  

We have a 5 million dollar long term plan to establish 50 Principle Approach teaching centers across the country in the next five years—creating greater accessibility to Biblical education nationwide by 2025. Currently, we are working towards raising $240,000 by June to help us fund our next round of intensive impact. 

When you give to FACE, you are serving hundreds of schools, home schools and families around the US and abroad, training hundreds of teachers, and providing curricular material, text books and training modules to the three essential parts of our communities. The Home, the Church and the School are what shape our Nation and each one has an essential role in educating our rising generation to be free. 

We are taking action daily to teach multi-generationally the principles that enable “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We continually reach out to pastors and parents to equip them with the tools they need to teach a Biblical worldview. Principle Approach teaching centers are being developed around the country to help facilitate the broader scale teaching initiative. Enlightening the Nation study groups are also being formed all over the country to ensure the principles of liberty are being taught community by community.  

Leadership is the key to make this happen. It only took one man, Howard Zinn, writing a book called A People’s History of the United States, a radical alternative to established textbooks, that completely altered how history is taught in America. Just as one man made a negative impact, I believe if we join together, with perseverance and trust in God, we can make a positive change and America will be restored. With that conviction we can win this fight! 

To ensure hope for the future please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly giving partner by joining our Society of Restorers. Monthly support gives greater stability to our ongoing work and allows us to mobilize teams of trainers who work for the most immediate needs facing teachers daily. This is a boots on the ground effort, repairing the breech and “restoring the streets to dwell in” (Isaiah 58:12 ESV).

Thankfully serving,

Carey Woodruff

P.S. We know the impact Christ has on the individual when we yield ourselves to Him. America can be the Shining City on the Hill when we restore the generational impact of Biblical education for Christian children and align ourselves with God’s purposes for our family and our nation. Be a part of this charge and help restore America!

Please consider becoming a Founding Member of the Society of Restorers. We are believing for 85 Partners to take a big step of faith to restore the nation to Biblical truth through education.

FACE is confident that education is at the heart of every major issue our nation is facing today. Our goal is to bring education to the forefront of people’s minds as the solution to restoring America. It is the ONE thing that will make a permanent change generationally. 

FACE will accomplish this vital mission through Principle Approach education: a philosophy and methodology of education from the founding generation that gave us the life and liberty we have and must preserve in America. The degree of liberty we enjoy in our nation is directly connected to the degree in which the Biblical principles of God’s Word are embraced and followed. 

FACE publishes, teaches and trains students and educators in the Principle Approach method of education with a vision of impacting 50 Principle Approach teaching centers across the country in the next five years­­—creating greater accessibility nationwide by 2025.

We boldly invite you to help continue the work of the Foundation for American Christian Education by investing in Christian Education. With your help we can win the fight!

And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the streets to dwell in.  Isaiah 58:12 ESV