Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020

“For over one hundred fifty years Americans have not known or learned of America’s Christian history.”  The result?  We’re fighting for the hearts and minds of our children.  

Principles—Biblical principles—are the operative cause of American liberty.  Those principles are embedded in America’s Christian history; therefore, we now have the loss of Biblical reasoning in several generations.

The sure means of implanting principled reasoning generation to generation is first in the Christian home from birth, consistently in the Christian church week after week, and then, building upon the home and the church, in the Christian schoolroom day by day. 

Teach the children:

  1. Knowing and thinking from Biblical principles forms your life’s character and purpose.
  2. Measuring ideas and opinions by principles leads to truth.
  3. Opinions are only of value when they align with God’s truth.

Quote from Nation Makers, Verna M. Hall.  

Image: Nation Builders by Howard Pyle

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