Giving all the glory to God for His love and care.

January 2020 Report from Mazatlan, Mexico

Dear church and friends; Happy new year! I want to show you my gratitude for being part of my walk in this ministry, I recognize that your support has been a very important piece that has helped me to stay in this journey with Christ. All your support is worth to recognize and give value. Remembering God’s faithfulness through your life makes me give thanks. I send you a report of how it was last year, giving all the glory to God for His love and care. For the favor of God and the help of many people we have remained in our first school year and it has been a great blessing, God has taught me that this work is like to sow seeds of truth in the hearts of these little ones and with faith we can declare that as long as they remain in the truth of God they will bear fruit in their time as it is written in Psalm. 1: 3 

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