The monumental step forward in the advancement of liberty.

Do you know the Link of American Liberty and the Protestant Reformation? 

Teach the Children!

What an opportunity we have on October 31 to teach our children and others about the event that most changed their world—the monumental step forward in the advancement of liberty through the Protestant Reformation! 

The availability of the Bible resulted in restoring liberty of conscience and an eventual establishment of civil government in the United States of America to protect it. 

Martin Luther is celebrated on October 31 for his brave stand against the sale of indulgences by nailing 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  He represents a long line of Reformers to whom we owe our liberty today. The story is an exciting one; it is a tale of one man’s tenacious quest for truth against an all-powerful authority determined to stamp out that truth. 

But behold, the truth always wins!  Martin Luther’s stand changed the church forever by ushering in the Protestant Reformation. From that time, Christians have lifted their voices crying: 

Sola Scriptura! Soli Deo Gloria! Sola Christus! Sola Gratia! Sola Fide! 
[Only the Bible! Glory only to God! Christ only! Grace only! Faith only!]

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