Replicating the Principle Approach Model

A major initiative of the FACE five- year plan is to replicate the Principle Approach Model:

“Scale up to fifty demonstration schools in the next five years with a professional team of educators and speakers to enrich and equip existing schools and create a systematic establishment of new schools able to demonstrate the Principle Approach at and excellent level.”

Accordingly, this year FACE launched the FACE School Leadership Program and began to work with a number of existing schools, schools are transitioning from traditional to the Principle Approach and individuals seeking to start a school. 

 The purpose of this program is to ensure that schools will attain the highest level of excellence, to the level of a Demonstration School, a school that demonstrates Principle Approach Philosophy, Curriculum and Methods.

Five school administrators have traveled  to FACE in the past month as the first step of the program.

The week of March 9 FACE hosted Yiyi Cotto who heads up a Principle Approach homeschool co-op in Texas and Nate Mellinger, Principal of Twin Valley Bible Academy in Narvon, Pennsylvania.

Please join us in prayer as we work to significantly grow Principle Approach education in our nation.

Photo above: Carey Woodruff, Dr. Carole Adams, Yiyi Cotto Principle Approach homeschool co-op in Texas, Dr. Max Lyons, and Nate Mellinger, Principal of Twin Valley Bible Academy.