Pastor’s Summit to Restore Christian Education

Forty-five pastors and ministry leaders gathered in Richmond at the Virginia Christian Alliance on November 14th to learn how to be more effective in Christian education and discipleship.

The presentations by Michael Hirsch (Virginia Watchmen Council), Bill Cook (America’s Black Robe Regiment), Max Lyons (The Foundation for American Christian Education) and Dan Smithwick (Nehemiah Institute) included the freedom of the pulpit under the Constitution and the damage the ‘separation’ lie has done, the history of the pulpit in securing American liberty and the courage required, the history and triumph of cultural Marxism, and the tragic decline of Biblical worldview in the Kingdom.  

Dan Smithwick presented the “85/85 Plan” a new program for Biblical worldview education within the church, for both children and adults. Pastors can restore their legacy as principal educators of their flocks and education leaders in the local community, by equipping parents with the knowledge and skills needed to disciple their own children. We ended by discussing  practical strategies for churches to assist parents in equipping their children with a Biblical Worldview, thus rescuing them from the lies that pervade education today, and preparing them to lead in their own generation.

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