George Washington, Revolutionary War Veteran

Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all US veterans. This day is set aside to thank and honor living (or deceased) veterans who served honorably in the military—in wartime or peacetime.

Perhaps one of our most famous veterans is George Washington. 

David Ramsay wrote in “The Life of George Washington”:

As a military man, he possessed personal courage and a firmness which neither danger nor difficulties could shake. His perseverance overcame every obstacle; his moderation conciliated all opposition; his genius supplied every resource. He knew how to conquer by delay, and deserved true praise by despising unmerited censure. Inferior to his adversary in the numbers, the equipment, and discipline of his troops, no great advantage was ever obtained over him, and no opportunity to strike an important blow was ever neglected. In the most ardent moments of the contest his prudent firmness proved the salvation of his country. 

Excerpted from: George Washington: The Character and Influence of One Man, Verna M. Hall, The Foundation for American Christian Education, 1999

Today, thank you to all US veterans who have served our great country!

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