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The only Biblical worldview dictionary which helps develop reflective thinking, reasoning and writing skills.

Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language will enrich your understanding of the English language and is an invaluable tool for daily study. This beautiful and durable dictionary is essential for scholars, students, home educating families, pastors, educators or anyone conducting in-depth research and is a necessity in any home.

The only Biblical worldview dictionary presents definitions in a clear manner with comprehensive explanations, often excluded from modern dictionaries. It defines words using their full etymology, tracing roots in 26 languages and explains meanings using examples from literature, historic documents, the Bible and other classic sources. It is also a valuable primary source document for historians and legal scholars, since it reflects English usage during America’s founding generation. 

This tool can be the turning point for you to be more effective in communicating Christian principles used in government, economics, and marketing, or for your student to clearly understand how the Bible has influenced every area of life. It will strengthen your vocabulary, equip you for Christian leadership, give you an edge in communicating your view and become an indispensable tool for thinking and reasoning Biblically.

Not many people, that I know personally would share in my excitement over the Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. I have never thought that I would say that I was blessed by a dictionary, but nevertheless, I have gained a deeper understanding of Biblical concepts and definitions. Because of that, I am going deeper and deeper into my relationship with God. A plus is that my children are getting excited about looking up words and they will be able to read a wide variety of literature and, read the KJV Bible. My kids were so intimidated before as they had to keep looking up the words and they even grew weary. Now they see it as fun and exciting. I truly believe if we are to live and think Biblically we need to define terms from a Biblical perspective. Thank you all for encouraging me to seek excellence in education.

DP, Homeschooling Mom

“Why Every American Christian Home Should Have the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary.” 

The facsimile edition includes Volume I and Volume II of Webster’s original dictionary, plus a biography of Noah Webster. This hardcover edition features a green vellum hardcover with a gold stamped, embossed eagle designed by Paul Revere and is 2,000 pages. Regular price $56.95 now $10 off with code.

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