December: a month of Celebrations

Three very important Christian holidays are celebrated in the month of December. These are great opportunities to teach our children, those in church, family members, or your class. 

Bill of Rights Day, celebrated on December 15th, commemorates the ratification of the first ten amendments by Virginia in 1791. Virginia was the tenth state to ratify, thus making the Bill of Rights part of our Constitution on that day. It is a rich opportunity to teach and learn the concept of inalienable rights. Download and Learn More.

Forefathers Day, December 21st, celebrates the day our Pilgrim Forefathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Download and Learn More.

Christmas of course is the main focus of December. Please enjoy my “take” on Jesus vs. Santa. By the way, I think that the over focus in our culture on Santa is a wonderful opportunity to tell children the true story of the real man St. Nicholas. I highly recommend The Story of St. Nicholas by Cheryl Odden, published by The Voice of the Martyrs. Download and Learn More.

To discover more about celebrating American holidays with your family order a copy of Celebrate Seventeen American Holidays Like You Were There from the FACE Bookstore.

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