Conscience and the Constitution: Part Two

Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020

Part Two of Two

The blessings of liberty in America cannot be perpetuated unless the principles of that liberty are re-identified and re-affirmed in each generation.

Verna Hall

Many sermons of our pastors in the 1700s and 1800s were dissertations on government—individual self-government. They were not political in our modern sense of the word, but governmental. The Colonists thought it was proper to seek first God’s direction and His truths to determine how they should govern themselves individually and collectively.

Election Sermons: These were given at the request of the House of Representatives or Council and dealt with the subject of character and civil government.

Artillery Sermons: These were given upon the election of the officers of the local militia and showed the Biblical basis for the defense of liberty.

Thanksgiving Sermons: These sermons were called for by the Governors or the Continental Congress to thank God for some Providential deliverance or dispensation.

Teach the Children:

  1. God, in His own government of the world, never violates freedom.
  2. Religion and liberty must flourish or fall together in America.
  3. If we cultivate the spirit of liberty, maintain our own virtue, guard against corruption, the Genius of America will rise triumphant. 

The Bible and the Constitution: A Primer of American Liberty, Hall, Verna M. and Slater, Rosalie J., Foundation for American Christian Education, Second Edition 2012, “The American Church: Conscience and Constitution”, pp. 35-43

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