Teaching Biblical Principles Internationally

Discerning the news anchored in the truth.

AECEP (Associação de Escolas Cristãs de Educação por Princípios/Association of Christian Schools of Education by Principles) based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sponsored an online workshop October 31, 2020 hosted by Roberto Rinaldi. The conference addressed new technology and media, and the unique influence they exert on Biblical Principle Approach education. Presenters discussed the question “How can Christian schools contribute creative solutions to new problems?” Our Christian identity and responsible work can be an answer and solution to the main challenges of today’s education.

Dr. Carole Adams, President of FACE, made a special video presentation during the conference on behalf of the FACE Board of Directors. Dr. Adams presented a “Proclamation Commending Leading Schools” to AECEP acknowledging their extraordinary contributions and accomplishments in education. Click here to watch the video presentation. AECEP aims to impact the nation by integrating schools, families, churches and community leaders to educate a generation that manifests the Kingdom of God with the application of its principles to all areas of life. To learn more about AECEP click here.