The Achievement of Self-Government with Union Part I

How does Christianity influence mankind’s desire to voluntarily cooperate or work together? Do the Biblical precepts relating to individuals working together, or simply getting along with one another, apply also to nations? 

Or, is there one set of rules for the individual and another for the state or nation? Is voluntary union among men and nations possible, or must joint actions be accomplished through law and force? 

Quoted from:Verna M. Hall, The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self Government

Teach the Children:

  1. Individual self-government and national union were secured simultaneously in America.
  2. This was achieved by voluntary union governed by natural and moral law.
  3. Individual unity with external union, in a family, a church, or a nation is best lived out in the spirit of the two commandments of our Lord: Love God supremely and your neighbor as yourself.

Excerpted from A Republic If You Can Keep ItFerdon, Gai M, PhD, Foundation for American Christian Education, 2008, p. 320.