Reclaiming the Responsibility of Christian Education

Joseph and Karla Perry, Vishal Mangalwadi, and Max and Margie Lyons at the book launch.

FACE was excited to partner with the Serve Initiative, and the Providence Foundation to participate in The Third Education Revolution Book Launch on September 9 featuring key note speaker, author, and reformer, Vishal Mangalwadi, and chapter presenters Stephen McDowell, Karla Perry, Jason Benedict, and Mark Harris.

Vishal Mangalwadi has an incredible vision for the reformation of education back to its Biblical roots.

For one thousand years the Church has sent students to the university, The Third Education Revolution will enable universities and schools to send students to local churches. Digital curriculum, prepared by the world’s best experts and videographers, will also go to the Church online. Students will be mentored by Academic Pastors who will re-integrate character formation, problem solving aptitude, critical thinking and leadership skills with academic education. The community will help develop vocational skills through internship programs. The partnership of Church, university and technology will make high quality education affordable to virtually everyone. To read more on this vision go here.

Carey Woodruff and Vishal Mangalwadi discuss the mission of FACE and how to work together to bring education back to its Biblical roots through the Principle Approach.

In conjunction with Mangalwadi’s book launch event, Vishal, along with Joseph and Karla Perry, spent several hours at FACE with Carole Adams, Carey Woodruff and Max Lyons, learning about the Principle Approach and the work of FACE. We envision this as a new strategic partnership as parents and the church reclaim the responsibility of Christian education worldwide.