Reclaiming Sacred Time Part I

Present crises affecting our nation are changing our lives and keeping almost every child in America at home for school. Many parents are realizing the unexpected opportunity to invest exceptional influence in their children— focused time, relaxed schedules, and often, many discussions and questions that count for eternity.

The GOOD NEWS is that this is a SACRED moment for Christian parents to make lasting impressions upon the hearts of their children. We and our children will look back on this time and tell stories. What will they tell? We suggest some quick, easy ways to redeem the time.

  1. The Bible presents its own unique method of teaching.

The Bible imparts life and character lessons through a liberal use of stories that form a unity of truth. Therefore, use Bible stories every day and practice memorizing key verses with your children. You are filling their hearts with trust in God with faith in His unchanging character.

  1. The Bible offers reflective or internal learning and reasoning from principles and ideas.

Use questions that give your child an opportunity to think, exercise the intellect, and make sound conclusions. Encourage the daily practice of writing, modified for age level, to give form to their ideas and to create a record of their learning.  Mastery is measured when you observe that your child can understand Bible principles and apply them to everyday life.

  1. Home Learning is tutorial by nature

There is no standard rate of learning, style of learning or “assembly-line” method in home learning.  Each child’s learning style and pace can be valued and honored. Real learning engenders the love of learning no matter how much or how little.

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