God is moving!

Over the past months, Carey Woodruff and Carole Adams have travelled many miles to meet with God’s amazing people in five states, and by video conference to more, making presentations and renewing partnerships with teachers, administrators, parents, and patriots who are sensing with us that God is moving!  There is a new courage among Christians to take a stand, recognize secular education as an avenue for every evil issue in our nation—and reclaim the American culture for God and His truth.

We are honored to be among the ministries God is raising up to lead the charge.  Many hundreds of patriots, parents, grandparents, teachers, and community leaders have joined us to take part by praying, giving, serving, and teaching in their local communities. As local communities step up to a new level of influence, rebuilding the culture happens!

An excellent model of this is the “Renewing the Mind” study that was just completed in the Orlando area.  Roxanna Dickerson led a group of Moms, at least one Grandma, and Dads through the study using the FACE Renewing the Mind for Teaching and Learning.  We had the joy of meeting with them recently for a lively discussion of rebuilding the culture multi-generationally.  

God is moving!  And we couldn’t be more excited!

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