George Washington: a Man of Christian Character

February 15, 2019 Live or Online.

Pebblesetters Tour with George and Martha Washington

You are cordially invited to a FACE Pebblesetters Tour on February 15, 2019 entitled George Washington, a Man of Christian Character.

This free presentation will be from 10:30-11:45 am in the FACE classroom in Chesapeake Virginia. It will also be live streamed for FACE homeschoolers, teachers and parents across the nation.

We will begin by presenting a first person dramatic presentation with George and Martha Washington (Dr. Max Lyons and Mrs. Margie Lyons). This presentation includes music, PowerPoint slides, drama, props and costumes. 

Several students who are in the classroom will have speaking parts.

At the end of the presentation we will introduce and discuss Washington’s Rules of Civility. The full title is Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior which is 110 character rules of conduct that Washington read, copied, memorized and used to develop his stellar Christian character. We will spend a few minutes beginning a relating exercise by having the students think about and write down several of the rules that are especially important or meaningful to them. This relating and writing assignment will need to be completed at a later time by the parent/teacher.

For more information about attending on campus or via live streaming call 757-488-6601 or e-mail Max Lyons.

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