Conscience and the Constitution: Part One

Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020

Part One of Two

America’s founding and establishment was the result of a people educated in Christian principles. 

Verna M. Hall

Churches in the early Colonial period “birthed” Federalism—Christian self-government with Union. The idea of Federalism built into the people, “general intelligence, reverence for law and faith in God.” 

It was customary during the Colonial period to print and circulate the sermons of the clergy throughout the colonies. These sermons became part of our great heritage of literature. Over 1,000 of these sermons are still extant and represent the consistency of American Christians as they legislated, fasted, fought and prayed their way through the American Revolution to the establishment of our Constitution.

Teach the Children:

  1. The history of the Bible and the history of American liberty are inseparable.
  2. The idea of American Federalism—Christian self government—can not be learned apart from the Bible.
  3. Our Colonial pastors taught that promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ was not incompatible with political liberty.

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