Why teach grammar?

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Forming language skills ensures competence in all other learning. In the early years of schooling, teaching Classic Grammar develops your child’s speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills through the delightful study of the best children’s literature.  Classic Grammar integrates lessons in composition, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and character-building into every lesson while enjoying great stories such as Heidi, Pinocchio, Hans Brinker, and Little House in the Big Woods. All ages study the models of literature in the Bible and learn to identify principles of character and life. Give your child the joy of language. 

This grammar curriculum is designed to work with The Noah Plan English Language Curriculum Guide and Literature Curriculum Guide. Watch the video explaining The Classic Grammar Program.

The Noah Plan Classic Grammar curriculum demonstrates how etymology (vocabulary expansion), syntax (lucid expression) and composition (effective writing) are taught within the classic literature study throughout the year. 

Quarter lesson plans and extracted words, sentences and themes are given for each grade level from the selected literature classics.

Grade by grade, a command of language is cultivated through modeling, analysis and skill-building as follows:

  • Primary (K–3rd): Demonstrating how language expresses ideas; the meaning cues of the sentence (basic patterns and other cues); the parts of words
  • 4th grade and 5th grade: Understanding grammatical patterns of language; analysis of words and sentences; diagramming
  • 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade: Mastering English grammar; mastery of English grammar means and relationships; parsing

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