American Education: Maintaining the Character of American Liberty

Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020

Part Two of Two

At the time of the American Revolution, Europeans who dismissed Americans as “illiterate backwoodsmen” and “law defying revolutionists” were surprised when American State Papers arrived in the capitols of Europe. Our Colonists had spent 150 years learning and participating in the principles of self-government and these documents gave prominence to the American genius. 

How did American education produce such a remarkable generation? The answer begins  with predominance of the Bible in American life and learning.

The schools taught classical education built upon the Bible. The primary purpose of the early colleges was to turn out Christian men who knew God’s Word throughly and could reason from its principles to civil government, economics and national concerns. This is the basis of true liberty.

Teach the Children:

  1. Set the standard of God’s Word before you to measure tyranny (the exercise of power over others not authorized by law or justice) and despotism (absolute power).
  2. The curriculum (course of study) you are taught in school should help maintain both your character and conscience.
  3. Literacy—the first promise of education—has always been associated with the Bible. 

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