A letter of encouragement from Dr. Carole Adams

Dear Friends and Family:

We find ourselves in challenging times and unprecedented circumstances. Practicing “social distancing” might include the new opportunity to home educate your children or grandchildren. 

I’m writing today to offer inspiration and guidance, sharing some wisdom gained over 50 years of development of the Principle Approach, plus our work with dozens of Christian schools and hundreds of professional educators. Here are three tips that might be of help to you while you are teaching at home.

Homeschooling Tip #1

A good routine is to start the “school” day with a Bible lesson. This will not only strengthen the Biblical worldview of your children, but offer inspiration, peace of mind and encourage both child and parent. There is no greater source of hope and healing than God’s Holy Word.

  • The Book of Proverbs is a good place to begin. 
  • For younger children, choose one verse to read together; older students could read a passage or an entire chapter independently.
  • Discuss together the meaning of the verse (or passage).
  • Review the meaning of any unfamiliar words (use Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language).
  • Younger students can copy the verse in their notebook. Older students could write a paragraph. 
  • This is a good time to work on Scripture memorization.

Homeschooling Tip #2

Start a daily practice of reading aloud together classic literature and stories of American Christian history. Older students with advanced skills could read independently, then discuss with their parent the ideas discovered. Literature teaches character, discipline, life principles, Biblical ideas, family values, consequences of decision making and many other things. It is also one of the most powerful practices for academic advancement when combined with writing exercises at every grade level. See below some recommendations for classic readers and teaching guides.

Homeschooling Tip #3

Never let the quantity of work become more important than the quality of teaching and learning time. Rely on historic methods of education (Principle Approach) that require reading, writing and reflection exercises versus “fill in the blanks”. Adhering to this principle will keep the educational process fresh, interesting and inspired, plus the student will retain the ideas inculcated.

I want to encourage you during this unparalleled moment in our nation’s history. 

I enjoin you to use this season as an opportunity to strengthen your families in a Biblical worldview and build on the foundation of our unique American Christian history and form of government. Our President reminded us “we are at war with an invisible enemy, but it is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people.” 

Our offices are open and we are available to help and advise with any homeschool or curriculum questions. Visit our FACE.net website for more information and many free resources. 

We are with you heart and soul, and praying for you and our nation!

For His Story, 
Carole Adams, President

Below are a few recommendations for classic readers and teaching guides to help you get started in the very high calling of teaching your children. All available in the FACE bookstore.

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