Robb Rodriguez, Ph.D.

In 1995, Dr. Rodriguez graduated from Regent University School of Law and Government. While at Regent University he became aware of the works of Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater and the Principle Approach to Christian education. Dr. Rodriguez quickly developed a passion for this type of approach that teaches one to reason from the biblical bedrock principles of a subject to its particulars.  The connection between biblical theology, character, education, liberty and government led him to explore this relationship further.  In 2009, he received his Ph.D. in Civil Science from Andrew Jackson University, School of Government with a focus on the nexus between Christianity, the West, individual rights and liberty.

Dr Rodriguez served as Principal at New Covenant Christian School in Plymouth and as an adjunct professor at Eastern Nazarene College.  Currently Dr. Rodriguez is part of the teaching staff at Stonebridge School. He has the desire to continue to expand the influence of the Principle Approach methodology and teach God’s liberty to individuals, families, churches, and nations. He is a frequent instructor for the FACE Lessons in Liberty Lecture Series.

Dr. Rodriguez is married to Karen and is a dedicated father to Josh and Christa.