Why Master Principle Approach Teacher Certification?

As students of the Principle Approach, we are disciples of truth in education, seeking God’s thoughts in our studies, the Bible as the first and essential study, then mastery of the whole method and process of teaching and learning.  The Principle Approach is a life-long study, setting a trajectory for your personal growth and learning, and for the children and students entrusted to you.  

The Foundation for American Christian Education, a mission to publish and teach the Principle Approach, offers a pathway of preparation that certifies Principle Approach Master Teachers with the credential.  

Why is this important to you and to the Kingdom?  The very word ‘certify’ means “to make certain, to make known an established fact.”  Have I not written to you excellent things of counsels and knowledge, that I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth, that you may answer words of truth to those who send to you? Proverbs 22:20-21

What difference does a credential make?  Your continual Principle Approach study and teaching forms in you an exceptional level of scholarship and skill.  Based on decades of teacher training and supervision, FACE has developed a Principle Approach Master Teachers program that lays a sound and certain foundation. The program enriches your current teaching and learning with growing confidence in the integrity of your achievement in an endorsement “derived from other sources than personal knowledge, as from the testimony of others.” (from Webster 1828, credence) Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2

C̵RED´IT, n. [Fr. credit; It. credito; Sp. id.; L. creditum. See Creed.] 1. Belief; faith; a reliance or resting of the mind on the truth of something said or done. 2. Reputation derived from the confidence of others. Esteem; estimation; good opinion founded on a belief of a man’s veracity, integrity, abilities and virtue; 

C̵REDEN´TIALS, n. plu. That which gives credit; that which gives a title or claim to confidence; the warrant on which belief, credit or authority is claimed, among strangers.

The Master Teacher Certification Process is individualized. Teachers new to the Principle Approach find the three-year process thoroughly preparatory and essential. Experienced Principle Approach teachers with previous training may propose equivalencies to FACE requirements with appropriate documentation to shorten the process.  The FACE staff considers each application on an individual basis and provides an individualized plan.  Additionally, teachers who are presently serving can use their current work to satisfy the Practicum requirements. 

The process of obtaining Principle Approach Master Teachers Certification consists of three steps that include, at minimum, two separate resident weeks at the FACE Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center.  

  1. Foundations of Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning Course: The Foundations Course is the first level to a Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification, followed by a Practicum, is taught each summer in July onsite in Chesapeake, Virginia and live online during the same time. The Foundations Course is also available online as an Independent Study allowing you to complete the Foundations Course on your time.  The practicum must be completed before the second level Applications Course can be taken.
  2. Applications of Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning Course: The Applications Course is the second level to Principle Approach Master Teachers Certification and is taught only onsite in Chesapeake, Virginia each summer in July and is followed by a second-level practicum.
  3. Exhibition of Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning Course: On completion of the second-level Applications Course practicum, the third level of Principle Approach Master Teachers Certification requires a four-day “Exhibit” and culminating training onsite in Chesapeake, Virginia.

FACE offers scholarships to teachers for the courses as funding is available. Contact Max Lyons for more information. 

A Time to Reach for the Highest Good. The Foundation for American Christian Education is calling forth an army of individual lives prepared to build the family, the church, and the nation through education in a Biblical worldview to glorify God above all and bless the people by applying wise principles to all of life.  The army requires teachers and parents willing to shed the false model of education prevalent in the American culture and to reclaim authentic Christian education for Christian children.  The family, the church, the school, and the Republic rests its future on the restoration of truth in American education.

William Ames, author of The Marrow of Theology, the 17th century textbook that taught Christ to generations of Americans, tells us, The highest good ought to be considered and sought above all other things in our entire life. Those who are called to rear and educate the progeny of our nation must never accept a lesser good than to rest our souls in Christ alone to form the consciences and characters of our children. This is the highest good in teaching and learning.  

As we equip RESTORERS, and each one teaches others, we can exponentially change the shape and form of the culture, renewing the American spirit to its authenticity, and restoring to Christ what belongs to Him.

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