Replicating Principle Approach Schools

As a Principle Approach demonstration school, Dayspring Christian Academy is pleased to share plans from the Foundation for American Christian Education to form additional Principle Approach schools over the next five years. The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) is launching a five-year plan to facilitate the establishment of 50 Principle Approach demonstration schools before 2024 as … Continue reading “Replicating Principle Approach Schools”

A Brief History of Thanksgiving in America

His blessing, caused a fruitful and liberal harvest, to their no small comfort and rejoicing. In Virginia, members of the Berkeley Plantation first celebrated Thanksgiving. On December 4th, 1619, a group of settlers under the conduct of John Woodleefe, their captain and governor, arrived in Virginia. Led by a young Episcopal clergyman, George Thorpe, they … Continue reading “A Brief History of Thanksgiving in America”

Pastor’s Summit to Restore Christian Education

Forty-five pastors and ministry leaders gathered in Richmond at the Virginia Christian Alliance on November 14th to learn how to be more effective in Christian education and discipleship. The presentations by Michael Hirsch (Virginia Watchmen Council), Bill Cook (America’s Black Robe Regiment), Max Lyons (The Foundation for American Christian Education) and Dan Smithwick (Nehemiah Institute) … Continue reading “Pastor’s Summit to Restore Christian Education”

George Washington, Revolutionary War Veteran

Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all US veterans. This day is set aside to thank and honor living (or deceased) veterans who served honorably in the military—in wartime or peacetime. Perhaps one of our most famous veterans is George Washington.  David Ramsay wrote in “The Life of … Continue reading “George Washington, Revolutionary War Veteran”

A call to pray for Secretary DeVos and her deputies.

FACE leaders Carey Woodruff and Carole Adams attended the Faith Leaders Summit at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington on November 6 at the invitation of the White House liaison, an office committed “to engage crucial voices.”  The 225 attendees from across the country were addressed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Deputy Secretary Zais, … Continue reading “A call to pray for Secretary DeVos and her deputies.”

Columbus Advanced the Gospel Westward

By Dr. Max Lyons, Director of Teaching Services at FACE One man or woman, in obedience to God, can do great things, and make a profound difference in the world.  Annually we honor such a man, Christopher Columbus.  October 12th is Columbus Day because on October 12, 1492, land was first sighted from the deck … Continue reading “Columbus Advanced the Gospel Westward”

Christopher Columbus “Light Bearer”

Christopher Columbus is well-known as the man who discovered America. However, most people do not know the true version of his story, or of the spiritual side of his life. Christopher means light bearer and he lived up to this name because he bore the light of the Gospel to others.  Enjoy this short curriculum … Continue reading “Christopher Columbus “Light Bearer””

The American Renewal Project Conference

Max Lyons represented FACE at the American Renewal Project Conference in Charlotte NC. This event brought together 400 pastors, their spouses, and ministry leaders for training in cultural engagement. Many were very enthusiastic about the work of FACE and the need to grow the Biblical worldview movement in the home, church and school. Learn more … Continue reading “The American Renewal Project Conference”

Forefathers Monument: a gift that inspires.

The Forefathers Monument stands 181 feel tall on a hill In Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Since 1889 it teaches a lesson to the generations in how to build and sustain a free society based upon the Biblical ideals and worldview of the early colony. This magnificent monument is composed of numerous statues representing Faith, Morality Law, Education, … Continue reading “Forefathers Monument: a gift that inspires.”

FACE presents vision at the Virginia Tea Party Annual Conference.

Max and Margie Lyons, Tricia Stall and Chris Evans traveled to Richmond over the weekend of September 28th to represent FACE at the Virginia Tea Party Annual Conference. Max made the presentation, Liberty and Education: What’s the Connection? and urged participants to prioritize the revitalization  of Biblical classical education. Much literature was distributed, connections with … Continue reading “FACE presents vision at the Virginia Tea Party Annual Conference.”