Lessons in Liberty 2021-22 Series

…in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 

Colossians 2:3, NKJV

Lessons in Liberty is a series of lectures and courses sponsored by The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) to help citizens better understand the source of liberty in our American Christian Constitutional Republic. Join like-minded patriots who love God’s Word, and together, master the “lessons of liberty” so you can be used of God to help bring every aspect of culture “captive to the obedience of Christ.”

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Today, we confront the gravest threat to our nation’s liberty we have yet faced. This threat is not an external enemy, but an internal one: It is the anti-Biblical thinking to which each one of us can fall prey. It is the thinking which produces dependency, debt, and chaos. The Lessons in Liberty courses are designed to help you defeat this enemy and defend liberty by acquiring a Biblical worldview, so that America can once again be a light to the nations.

The 2021-22 Lessons in Liberty Series. Culture Wars: A Biblical Counter Attack, addresses the burning cultural issues of our day. Join us each month, September 2021- June 2022 online or in our classroom, as we study together what God says and why it matters immensely that we resist the devil and draw near to Him. Each month we will teach and learn one major issue that our nation is dealing with. You will be become an influencer, able to readily defend our liberty and restore light to our nation.

Learn to reason Biblically and apply Biblical truth to all areas of life.  Equip yourself and your family with the tools to develop a solid Biblical worldview. Give your children the “God confidence” they will need to stand for their faith in an increasingly hostile culture.  This series is an excellent resource to introduce Biblical reasoning and the Principle Approach, America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning, to your family and friends.  

The Culture Wars series is packed with practical presentations, detailing God’s view on major worldview issues and contrasting the Biblical view with the prevailing counterfeit ideology.

Speakers include: Dr. Carole Adams, Dr. Max Lyons, Dr. Gai Ferdon, Gary Porter, and Dr. Mike Myers and others as arranged.

Register for the entire eleven-part Culture Wars: A Biblical Counter Attack Series for only $99 (individual or family) includes live presentations, video-recorded sessions, and handouts. Individual sessions are $10 each. Sessions may be accessed live in our classroom, live online, or at your convenience through watching the recorded presentation.

Culture Wars: A Biblical Counter Attack
Course Outline:

Session One: September 13, 2021
Cultural Marxism: There Are No “New” Bad Ideas 
Presented by Dr. Max Lyons

There are no new bad ideas. Satan is the Father of Lies (John 8:44) and He is not a creator, but rather a destroyer. He comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). Satan takes the good, beautiful and righteous that God has created and he perverts it. We must understand the perverse worldview entitled Cultural Marxism. Today we are continually bombarded with the message that there are those who “care for us” who are here to “keep us safe,” give us “protection,” keep us from “being oppressed,” making sure that we are free from “discrimination,” providing for us “equality” and total freedom from “systemic racism.” Those with eyes are not fooled by the nice sounding words and ideas. Satan as an angel of light promises freedom but really offers nothing but misery, slavery and death. The first step to resist the repackaging of the old bad ideas is to expose them for what they are.

Session Three: November 8, 2021
Sexual Anarchy vs God’s Design
Presented by Jim Evans

God gave mankind a loving model of marriage between one man and one woman for life. The sexual relationship is to be confined to those who are married. This has been His plan from the beginning. Man violates God’s design and suffers immensely. Fornication, adultery, polygamy, pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, and other perverse behaviors hurt us and others, and grieve the heart of God. Worse, now children in many schools throughout our nation are indoctrinated from a young age in the horrific “everything goes” regarding sexual behavior. Let’s return to God’s design and reap the blessings of holiness and righteousness.

Session Two REWIND: Because of technical difficulties our October 4 session will be repeated on November 29 at 7:00 pm EST.
Cultural Marxism vs Christianity
Presented by Dr. Max Lyons

Please note: Because of technical difficulties, the October 4 Lessons in Liberty: Cultural Marxism vs Christianity will be repeated on November 29. So if you missed this session the first time, or just want to “rewind,” you can join us live or online at 7 pm EST on November 29.

In this session we will re-examine the roots of Marxism, do a deep dive into Cultural Marxism and contrast the Marxist worldview with Biblical Christianity.  We will end by examining how the practice of Biblical Christian education is key to our path back to the way of righteousness.

Our national problems today are manifold:  a political lurch to the left; open Marxists calling for a revolution; rioting, burning, stealing and assaulting with tacit approval by some radical left leaders and politicians, staggering, unaddressed national debt; porous borders which admit thousands of illegal immigrants each and every day; cries for more and more government control of our lives; a public education system, unauthorized by Scripture, which indoctrinates in a non-Christian worldview; and a Christian church which seems either to not understand the magnitude of the problem or which simply does not believe that culture is its responsibility.  

Verna Hall, were she alive to contemplate this situation would have a ready response: “The American Christians’ forgetting God’s works, God’s actions, in the forming of America, is at the bottom, or base of our national problems,” she would say, as she does in her essay entitled Why We Must Remember America’s Christian History, A Study of Psalm 78.

Session Four: January 3, 2022
Social Justice vs Biblical Justice
Presented by Bob Wallace

God carefully defines, describes and mandates standards for justice in His Word. Not only that, He defines equality, equity, diversity, love, compassion, right, righteousness and much more. The problem is, these critical worldview words and concepts have been radically redefined by secularists, giving them a decidedly humanist-Marxist- far left interpretation.  In this session we will compare and contrast God’s definition of justice with the social justice movement that purports to represent truth but in reality is a major departure from God’s ways 

Session Five: February 7, 2022
Cancel Culture vs Freedom of Speech
Presented by Gary Porter

The term cancel culture sounds very benign but in reality it is a pernicious methodology. To be canceled because you have a different worldview could mean being viciously attacked on social media, bullied verbally, on the internet or physically, demoted or fired from your job, having your business attacked or any of these things happen to family members or close associates. When cancel culture prevails, what is canceled are rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association. 

Session Six: March 14, 2022
Globalism vs National Sovereignty
Presented by Dr. Gai Ferdon

God’s design is the individual sovereign nation, and currently there are 197 of them in the world. Satan’s counterfeit is the amorphous empire that does not respect the boundaries of sovereign nations. History is full of examples of empires whose leaders were intent on taking over other nations to increase power and wealth. In our own generation we only have to look at the history of communism, which not long ago controlled over half of the world. God miraculously delivered us from 20th century communism but this doctrine of demons still lives and desires to dominate our lives, families, churches, businesses and our nation. Is the border issue part of the push to globalism? Let’s talk about it on March 14.

Session Seven: April 4, 2022
Critical Race Theory vs Individuality 
Presented by Dr. Mike Myers

The easiest way to understand Critical Race Theory is that, very ironically it is racist. At its heart, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a philosophy that views the problem of racism as a power struggle between collective groups of people and societal systems. CRT proponents assume that everything about American history and our society is implicitly racist. Furthermore, the world is basically divided up into two categories, oppressors and the oppressed. And thus, the only way to fix the ultimate problem is to dismantle entire societal foundations. What will replace that which is dismantled? Will Marxism replace Christianity? This is not a battle that Christians can afford to lose.

Session Eight: May 2, 2022
The 1619 Project vs His-Story
Presented by Gary Porter

Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future. George Orwell, 1984 

The 1619 Project was published in the New York Times to great acclaim by many on the Political Left.  Its view of America’s history was quickly challenged by many of America’s most renowned historians of our Founding period who began to point out the many inaccuracies and half-truths posited by the Project’s various authors. Despite these challenges to the Project’s accuracy and integrity, its supporters have published a 1619 Project curriculum for both elementary and high school students and this curriculum is now being freely downloaded and integrated into thousands of public school classrooms nationwide.  Does what our children learn about America’s history matter? Yes! Our knowledge of history is a major factor in the formation of our worldview, and a comprehensive, Biblical worldview will understand God’s providential hand in the formation of our country.

Sessions 9, 10 and 11 will be presented in three consecutive evenings on June 6, 7 and 8, 2022
Totalitarianism vs Liberty
Presented by Dr. Gai Ferdon

Sessions descriptive to come… As part of this final presentation we will discuss the numerous ways for each of us to get involved and be part of the solution. Whether we are parents, homeschoolers, classroom teachers, professors, church educators, or grandparents, there is something that we can do right now to advance the cause of Biblical worldview education for ourselves and our posterity.