There is a real struggle in our nation between good and evil.

Many Christians are drawing a line in the sand.

I know now, more than ever, many things are vying for your attention. I want to share with you something that will go far beyond this year’s election and pandemic to help secure our liberty and faith in America for generations to come.

The need to impact education today is the most important and lasting investment we can make in our nation. Nothing touches all areas of life the way education does. What direction will our children take? Will they serve God above everything else? Will they be prepared to stand for our liberty against the ever-threatening lure of socialism?

There is tremendous stirring in our nation highlighting the struggle between good and evil drawing a line in the sand for many Christians today. This line is forcing us to a new level of boldness, conviction, and courage.

FACE is armed and running towards the battle. We have launched a multi-generational plan to address the need for Biblical-classical education on three fronts: the Home, the Church, and the Christian School.

We are trusting God and asking you to partner with us in providing $700,000 in new funding in 2020 to respond to the demand for Biblical-classical education emerging from families being face-to-face with the secular worldview their children have been receiving in both public and Christan schools. 

With $700,000 in new giving we will retool and launch twelve additional demonstration schools, train 500-plus teachers in the Principle Approach through the Authentic Christian Education training online and in summer courses here in Chesapeake, Virginia. Your generostity will additionally lead teachers through the Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification program, advance partnerships with churches in Pastor Summits, and Enlightening the Nation Principled Studies Groups, as well as continue supplying resources for families and home schools. Our immediate goal is $300,000 by September 1 to position with strength for the 2020-21 academic year.

The Plan is already having wide-scale impact on our nation. This strategy prioritizes teaching children—those the Framers understood to be central in securing the future. An investment to raise up leaders to think and reason from a Biblical perspective changes the course of history and, as seen in America’s proven history, illuminates the world. A generation yielded to Christ and aligned with God’s purposes honors God above all and fights for what is good, virtuous and true.

We are poised now to invest $300,000 as it is raised, specifically in:

  • Investing in twelve select Christian schools as strategically placed teaching centers, with the goal of fifty school centers nationwide by 2025.
  • Investing in the summer training to retool hundreds of Christian educators—teachers, parents, administrators—in Biblical Principle Approach teaching.
  • Investing in outreach to churches and pastors to reach Christian parents to advocate for the mandate to give Christian children a Christian education.
  • Investing in preparing teachers in the Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program to, in turn, train and lead others in their spheres of service.
  • Investing in curricula, support, and direction for Christian parents in the education of their children at home and in schooling.

The challenges of 2020 are illuminating for Americans the dangerous position we are in as a nation. With students learning at home during COVID-19, parents are face-to-face with the secular indoctrination of children in both public and private schools. FACE is positioned to press in. Current circumstances afford us direct contact with parents and teachers, coaching, mentoring and supplying curriculum. We are moving forward by supporting parents who are now directly confronting education in a new, unavoidable way that reveals both the need and opportunity to step up their duty to their children’s character, spiritual growth and education.

We are equipping parents and schools with Biblical Christian education for such a time as this.Your monthly partnership and gift toward our plan advances the strategic steps to restore American Education.

As I write to you today, we have school leaders here at FACE learning how to equip their schools, train their teachers, and influence their communities for the greater challenge. We appreciate your heart for this mission and the support you invest in FACE. Will you join with us in investing $300,000 by September 1 to accomplish the remarkable work God has set before us? God is markedly at work. We know he accomplishes His purposes through His people. We need as many of you as possible to join in a unified voice to reclaim education for Christ

With your help we can do this and much more.

I would like to ask you to pray with us as we face many challenges in this road less taken. We are confident the key to protecting our values and religious liberty lies in the manner we educate children right now. The children in our care will determine whether our nation continues to stand for Biblical values and protect our liberty—or stand subverse to the marxist agenda. An investment in FACE at this time issues a response to this question.

Standing together for Christian Education,

Carey Adams Woodruff

P.S. I believe the vote we get is the dollar we spend. Issue a response today that protects a Biblical worldview and educates children to stand against the marxist agenda. Join in our $300,000 goal by September 1 to position parents and schools for the coming school year. Please see our attached giving card to join us and make a stand for Christian Education.

Will we as American Christians accept the challenge and teach the rising generation to be free?