School Planting Resources

The Foundation for American Christian Education supports the establishment, operation, professional development, teacher development, curriculum development, financing and marketing of Christian schools and hybrids (homeschool-school combination). This document details the resources that are available from FACE. Some have a cost associated while others are provided free of charge. These resources are designed to be implemented within the context of the FACE Leading Schools Program.

School Founding, Administration and Development

Foundational Documents: Statement of Faith, Educational Philosophy, Ethos Statement. These important documents are contained in The StoneBridge Standards, and serve as samples/examples from which to draft your own.

The StoneBridge Standards: Essential Practices that Produce Principle Approach Results. The StoneBridge Standards is the written-in-stone essential practices upheld by StoneBridge School, a Principle Approach demonstration school whose graduates earn top PEERS Test schools annually and who earn National Merit Scholar status at twice the national average. In this volume, learn the philosophy and method of Principle Approach education as it was applied by school founder and visionary Dr. Carole Adams at StoneBridge School. How do you successfully start and sustain a Principle Approach school? Gain insight through the courage, trials, successes, and perseverance from StoneBridge School’s founding leadership. $25 Buy Now.

How to Establish a Christian School to Restore the Republic: This essential publication details the philosophy and operations of a highly successful demonstration school in the areas of: curriculum, finances/ budget, guidance, board operation, accounting and legal, special education, and more. $29.95 Buy Now.  

StoneBridge School Board Manual. This manual consists of a Constitution and Bylaws and policies in the areas of Admissions, Personnel, Financial, Recruiting, Training and Evaluating Board Members. Free 57 page pdf document. Download Now.

StoneBridge School Employee Manual: This manual covers all areas related to personnel including: Employment Policies, Standards of Conduct, Wages and Benefits and Employee Communications. Free 37 page pdf document. Down Now.

StoneBridge School Lower School Policies and Procedures: This practical manual includes Policies and Procedures in areas of Attendance, Discipline, Dress Code, Grading, Homework, Notebook Method, Communication, Special Days, Student Activities, Parent Participation and more. Free 29 page pdf document. Down Now.

StoneBridge School Upper School Policies and Procedures: For use with grades 9-12, this manual includes Standards of Deportment (Attendance, Discipline, Dress Code), Academic Policies (Grading, Report Cards, Transcripts, Homework, Quizzes, Tests, Exams), Honor Code, Graduation Requirements, Awards and Recognition, Leadership Training, and more. Free 35 page pdf document. Down Now.

StoneBridge School Expected Student Outcomes: Details how a school’s philosophy of education determines its methodology and practices and specifies the actions of students that demonstrate that goals have been met. Includes the areas of Spiritual Growth, Personal and Social Development, and Academic Performance. Free 14 page pdf document. Down Now.

Producers vs Consumers: This document details how the four C’s (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration) are achieved by the methods of the Principle Approach. These methods lead to students becoming producers, rather than consumers of learning. Free 2 page pdf document. Down Now.

 Textbooks Position Paper: This position paper answers the question, “Does the use of modern published textbooks violate the integrity of the Principle Approach?” Free 9 page pdf document. Down Now.

America on the Chain of Christianity: This position paper is critical understanding of the role of America in God’s plan for the liberty of men and nations. Free 5 page pdf document. Down Now.

StoneBridge School forms: This is a set of 18 documents useful for the administration of the school. Free pdf document. Down Now.

Supervision of Instruction: This program sets in place a system of carefully executed teacher development through needed supervision and evaluation to take the new teacher and the experienced teacher to the most excellent expression of the Principle Approach teacher. Free 9 page pdf document. Down Now.

Curriculum and Methodology

 The Noah Plan: The Noah Plan is the premier K-12 complete Principle Approach curriculum. It was originally developed at StoneBridge, the school founded in 1980 by FACE President Dr. Carole Adams. It is a product for educating children using the Word of God in every subject. This curriculum replicates the educational approach that shaped the character and reasoning of America’s founders when literacy was at an all-time high. Items priced individually. Shop Now.

The Noah Plan consists of approximately 130 products including: Subject curriculum guides, detailed lesson plans (K-3), subject course overviews (4-12), primary sources, secondary sources, literature classics, teacher guides, and more. Unique features include the Providential approach to history, Principle Approach methods, classic literature, foreign language instruction beginning at kindergarten, and an emphasis on the seven principles of America’s Christian history and government including Christian character and Christian self-government. Shop Now.

Teacher Professional Development

Resources for Training Teachers: Our extensive resources for training teachers in the Principle Approach include: (1) beginning course Foundations for Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning (2) books (3) pre-recorded courses (4) The FACE Principle Approach Master Teacher Certification Program, a three summer training in the Principle Approach methodology. Items are individually priced. Shop Now.

FACE currently offers over 70 online or video recorded products related to learning the philosophy, curriculum and methods of the Principle Approach as well as other aspects of thinking Biblically. Some courses are general knowledge, such as education, history, science, government, economics, Biblical worldview and cultural issues and can be used for teaching high school students as well as adults. Each video course package contains: video presentation, PowerPoint slides and handouts. Shop Now.

Subject area training enables you to master the application of the philosophy and methods to various subject areas in the curriculum. The subject training series equips teachers to teach their subject using the unique methods of the Principle Approach. Included are courses in: Classic Grammar, Literature, Reading, History, Geography, Bible, Science, Mathematics, Economics, Art, Music, Drama and more. Shop Now.

Master Teacher Certification Program: The Foundations for Authentic Christian Teaching and Learning certification course relies on Biblical reasoning; the practice of the methods that form Christian character; mastery of the Biblical classical approach that measurably forms the Biblical worldview for all of life; preparation to be a living textbook to your students; use of Christian scholarship to cultivate effective communication skills; the emergence of the teaching gift that elevates the individual, imparts vision for the Kingdom, and rebuilds the culture for Christ. Learn More.

Lessons in Liberty: Lessons in Liberty is a series of lectures and courses sponsored by The Foundation for American Christian Education to help citizens better understand the source of liberty in our American Christian Constitutional Republic. Each year we present a ten lesson course.  The speakers are scholars and leaders in their fields. Topics include the areas of education, government and the Constitution, economics, history, Biblical worldview, science, and current cultural issues. All lectures are presented live in our classroom, live streamed, and recorded. $99/series or $10 per session. Learn More.


Sons and Daughters Walking in the Truth: Your children are your priceless treasures! Learn the Biblical reasons to educate them in a thoroughly Christian program. This defense of Biblical Christian education presents ten compelling reasons for parents to equip their children with the Biblical worldview, ensuring that they walk in God’s truth (II John 4). This booklet is an apologetic for Biblical Christian education, most appropriate for high school and older. $5 Buy Now.

The Christian Idea of the Child: How does your worldview affect your understanding of children? What is a Biblical understanding of the child? Just as there is a Christian idea of man and government, there is an equally compelling Christian idea of the child. This essay presents the Biblical understanding of children and a challenge to parents and adults today to abandon the postmodernist position our culture advocates and to step up to the responsibility of the stewardship of the next generation. $5,95 Buy Now.

Every Child a Promise: How to Take Back Your Child’s Education to Give Them a Future and a Hope. Using pictures and charts, this quick and easy version of the Principle Approach, is an 18-page booklet that communicates a simple introduction to education emphasizing the secular/Christian contrast and documenting the results.  Every Child a Promise appeals to new parents, grandparents, donors, pastors, and is useful for introductory presentations of the Principle Approach in any setting. This is the tool needed to make the Principle Approach mission plain to all. Shop Now.

Presentations that are useful in presenting the Principle Approach include:
Finally, Solutions in Education: The StoneBridge School Story by Kathy Rader ($10)
Education as God’s Command ($10)
Contrasting Lessons: Seeing How a Principle Approach lesson differs from a Traditional One by Max Lyons ($30)

Other marketing publications (1) The 1828 Dictionary flyer (2) A Three-Part Plan to Stop America’s Decline and Restore our Biblical Heritage (3) New American Special Report on Education (4) Rescuing our Children and Our Nation DVD. Available free or at nominal cost; contact us for details. 


Facebook Commonwealth Community for asking questions of other Principle Approach educators. This social media platform of 375 Principle Approach educators (teachers, administrators, parents and others) who assist each other in the implementation of Principle Approach education. Join the Community and the discussion here.

FACE Leading Schools Program. The benefits to Leading Principle Approach schools include national recognition, on-going mentoring, fellowship with national and international school leaders, regional and national conferences, and the certification of Principle Approach master teachers.To learn more about the Leading Schools Program visit our website or contact Dr. Max Lyons or call 757-488-6601.