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Value of the Bible is a study guide prepared by Noah Webster that teaches our children to reason from Biblical principles. Employing as ease of style that no other Bible companion has achieved, this unique resource is suitable for the entire family and is an excellent tool for family devotions. It also includes a short history of the Constitution of the United States and a Constitution (or Federal) Catechism containing a brief explanation of the Biblical principles of government. Save 20% with code GIFTS. Now only $21.56.

A Classical Christmas. Carole Adams introduces ideas using Charles Dickens’ Life of Our Lord, poetry, and Rembrandt’s masterpieces of the nativity to re-tell His Story at Christmas in elevating and inspiring ways. Begin a family tradition this year with the classics at Christmas. Save 20% with code GIFTS. Now only $7.96.

The Bible and the Constitution Course. This ten session video course, recorded during the Lessons in Liberty Lecture Series, documents the vital role of the Bible in the forming of the United States of America. The Bible has been our textbook of civil, religious, economic, and educational liberty, producing our Christian constitutional Republic. Save 20% with code GIFTS. Now only $60.00.

Pathway to Biblical Liberty Course. Give the gift of our current Lessons in Liberty as we study The Pathway to Biblical Liberty. This 11 course series is designed to equip you and your family with the tools to develop a solid Biblical worldview through an understanding of the Principle Approach. Can be taken online or in our classroom. Lifetime access for the entire series only $99.00.

Letters to Mothers. This volume is filled with gems of wisdom and inspiration, and so elevates the position of Mother, that any Mother reading this book will receive encouragement and insight. Lydia reminds all moms of every generation their lifelong effect on the very soul of her children. This beautiful, hardbound volume has full color illustrations and is reprinted from the original 1838 edition. Save 20% with code GIFTS. Now only $19.96.

Buy One Get One Half Off. The Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is a unique and essential tool for educating Christians. It has the greatest number of Biblical definitions of any reference. Buy one for yourself then give one to someone on your gift list such as a pastor, student or teacher. Regular price for two dictionaries $113.90, now both for only $85.43. Use code BMDICT at checkout.

Limited edition T-Shirts. Biblical truths transform individual lives and can transform the nation. Show your support for Principle Approach education with our new T-shirt. The front reads: “Biblical Education Matters. Teach them diligently. Deuteronomy 6:4-6″. The back features the FACE eagle logo. Various sizes and colors. This limited item is not available at a discount.