Equip a teacher with the gift of much needed resources.

There is a great call to teach His Story all across the land.

Christian schools and teachers across our nation are calling out for the resources they need to teach the truth about America and of God’s Providential hand in our history. With your gift today you will be helping provide the essential Christian history volumes to teachers that need them the most.

Please consider a gift to support our work in equipping teachers in Principle Approach philosophy and methodology. With your gift of $150 or more we will send the seminal three-volume Christian History set (The Christian History of the Constitution, Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History, and Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary), or for a gift of any amount we will send other much needed curriculum to Principle Approach teachers and schools. Please consider a generous gift today. You will be sowing the seeds of liberty directly into the hearts of our children. Thank you.

With your gift today of $150 or more we can equip a teacher with much needed resources this Christmas.

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