French Curriculum Bundle

Are your students learning French? They should be. The benefits of doing so are enormous. Here are just a few reasons why you should start teaching your students French: Early foreign language study benefits students academically. Recent studies confirm that students who begin to learn another language in childhood score better on measures of cognitive function. … Continue reading “French Curriculum Bundle”

Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and Terry Beatley

Do you agree with the following statement? Education today determines tomorrow’s philosophy and scope of government, quality of culture, influence of the church, strength of the family, and the health of our economy. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and other dictators knew that if they could get control of education, they could control future generations and the … Continue reading “Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and Terry Beatley”

God is moving!

Over the past months, Carey Woodruff and Carole Adams have travelled many miles to meet with God’s amazing people in five states, and by video conference to more, making presentations and renewing partnerships with teachers, administrators, parents, and patriots who are sensing with us that God is moving!  There is a new courage among Christians to … Continue reading “God is moving!”

Rescuing Our Children: Virginia

There is a reason the deep State globalists sound confident about the success of their agenda—they have a secret weapon: More than 85% of American children are being indoctrinated by radicalized government schools. In this explosive talk, Alex Newman exposes the insanity that has taken over the public school system. From the sexualization of children … Continue reading “Rescuing Our Children: Virginia”

Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and J.R. Hoeft

Dr. Carole Adams joins host, J.R. Hoeft, on his podcast to discuss the reason for the organization, the curriculum they provide to both private educators and those who home school, in particular, “The Principle Approach“, STEM as part of their curriculum, the success of students who subscribe to this method, adult and continuing education, and religious plurality. J.R. … Continue reading “Podcast with Dr. Carole Adams and J.R. Hoeft”

Home is the source of Christian character.

Save 20% on classics specifically chosen for reading aloud with your children. Use code FAMILY at checkout. How can parents ensure the correct and full education of their children? Enjoying classic literature as a family by reading aloud together is one way. Take advantage of these family-centered volumes to strengthen your children in love for … Continue reading “Home is the source of Christian character.”

Teach the children: The Christian form of our government. (Part I)

Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. Thomas Jefferson (1775) An amazing book, The Spirit of Law, was written just at the moment in history when our nation was forming.  A structure … Continue reading “Teach the children: The Christian form of our government. (Part I)”

Mothers: The Hope of Our Republic

“…..the strength of a nation, especially of a republican nation (Republic) is in the intelligent and well-ordered homes of the people. And in proportion as the discipline of families is relaxed, will the happy organization of communities be affected, and national character become vagrant, turbulent, or ripe for revolution.” Lydia Huntley Sigourney Where do busy, … Continue reading “Mothers: The Hope of Our Republic”

Teach the IDEA of America

Rev. Scott Lovett is Overseer of Real Church & Fervent Fire Ministries in Tulsa Oklahoma. His wife Christine, is the founder and head of True Foundation, a Principle Approach homeschool ministry. After reviewing the recently revised and updated FACE curriculum, Nation Makers the Art of Self Government, the Lovetts decided to make this course an integral … Continue reading “Teach the IDEA of America”

Plant the seeds of a Biblical Worldview and watch them grow

Biblical worldview rests on foundational Biblical Principles: Part One in a series by Dr. Carole Adams. Read Part Two here. To grow an apple tree, we plant a seed, not a cup of applesauce. The seed has within it a new tree; applesauce is the derivative product from the fruit of the mature tree. To … Continue reading “Plant the seeds of a Biblical Worldview and watch them grow”