Dr. Carole Adams: Conscience our most sacred property. Learn more about the Seven Principles of Liberty here.


  • The Church must educate her own. February 4, 2020 - A key meeting with Brian Autry Dan Smithwick, Tricia Stall and Max Lyons traveled to Richmond to meet with Brian Autry last week. Brian is the Executive Director  of the… Read More
  • Giving all the glory to God for His love and care. January 21, 2020 - January 2020 Report from Mazatlan, Mexico Dear church and friends; Happy new year! I want to show you my gratitude for being part of my walk in this ministry, I… Read More
  • Making a difference. January 17, 2020 - FACE hosted several events in Tidewater for Sue Trombino, President of Women Impacting the Nation. Women Impacting the Nation (W.I.N.) was born out of the urgent need for God’s people… Read More

Discerning Moment

  • George Washington: The World’s Apostle of Liberty February 17, 2020 - Which US President: had states, babies, seven mountains, eight streams, nine colleges and 33 counties named after him?has a national holiday for his birthday (February 22nd)?has an image of his… Read More
  • Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020 February 11, 2020 - One of the most critical changes we have witnessed in American education has been the change away from the reasoning, writing and reflecting ability so prominent in the generations that… Read More
  • Thinking and Reasoning Biblically in 2020 January 21, 2020 - “For over one hundred fifty years Americans have not known or learned of America’s Christian history.”  The result?  We’re fighting for the hearts and minds of our children.   Principles—Biblical… Read More