Dr. Carole Adams: Conscience our most sacred property. Learn more about the Seven Principles of Liberty here.


  • The Joy of Reading June 30, 2020 - Nothing is more supportive of a thorough education than giving children a love of books and opportunities to read widely. Now is the best time to instill the habit of… Read More
  • Land That I Love May 13, 2020 - FACE is excited to announce that we now have in stock Land That I Love, Restoring Our Christian Heritage by Bobbie Ames. Bobbie was mentored personally by  Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater.… Read More
  • Spring 2020 Report to Our Partners May 13, 2020 - God is at Work in Restoring Education Many years ago, seventy or so, the Lord inspired a young woman named Verna Hall with a vision of what our nation was… Read More

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