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Thank you for helping us tell the children.

For your gift of $100 or more, receive a FREE audio course with Dr. Gai Ferdon, “American Education: How Do We Get Out of This Mess?” as our gift to you.

Please know every dollar you invest in FACE is leveraged with income from publishing and training to accommplish the following:

In appreciation of your gift of $100 or more, we would like to send you our audio series, American Education: How do we get out of this mess? by Dr. Gai Ferdon. This six-hour teaching series traces the history of education in the early Republic, the constitutional issues of liberty, limited civil authority, and the creation of national education laws and public policy. This in-depth discussion of education in America will be enlightening and will encourage you in your efforts to teach the next generation Biblical principles. 

•  Equipping Christians to think Biblically in discussing current issues in all areas of religious and civil life through Lessons in Liberty

•  Mentoring 28 Principle Approach schools in the Biblical philosophy and method of education to build a teaching and learning community upon the ideal of Christian liberty

•  Growing and sustaining the impact of the content and production of materials produced by FACE such as the 1828 original Webster dictionary, the Christian history books, and the Noah Plan K-12 curriculum for homes, schools, and churches —75,000 volumes in the last decade

It is important to us that you know what your giving is accomplishing. We are grateful for your support that has helped advance the FACE mission to raise an army prepared to build the family, the church, and the nation through education in a Biblical-theistic worldview that will honor God above all and apply wisdom to life on every level.  

•  Training over 1,000 teachers and parents and providing seventy titles of video courses and workshops for schools and families, and leading national conferences and speaker forums 

•  Providing access to and protection of the rich primary sources populating the 12,000 volume Hall-Slater Library for students, teachers, and scholars and for future needs

We’re excited to lead the momentum forward in a strategic plan:

•  Scaling up to fifty demonstration schools in the next five years by building our professional team of educators and speakers to mentor existing schools and create a systematic establishment of new schools equipped to implement the Principle Approach with their families and communities

•  Scaling up the distribution and replication of training in the Principle Approach for classroom practice, home schools, teaching careers, and church Christian education

•  Providing the materials and tools for success to equip individuals, the family, the school, and the church

You will be pleased to hear some testimonials of how FACE is making a difference in the formation of Christian character and Biblical thinking throughout our nation:

I appreciate the Providential history training. What I found to be most inspiring was the testimony on the mission of the Christian home.

Al Frederickson, Church Educator

Thank you for providing such solid Biblical material.  This curriculum is such a blessing to our family. 

A home-educating family

As citizens of this great nation our investment should be to obtain, cherish, and study this precious resource. The Noah Webster 1828 dictionary is a valuable tool of education that should be on the shelf of every American citizen today.

Pastor David Whitney, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, Senior Instructor for the Institute on the Constitution, Maryland

I was able to present the Christian worldview concerning politics over lunch to a pluralistic group.  I attribute that ability to the fact that we examined everything at my school from a Biblical perspective. I can make logical points without having to directly evoke scripture and then, people come to me at later points to talk about Jesus. 

Principle Approach School Alumnus

FACE is at the forefront of a movement to restore American education that can guarantee the future for our children. The PEERS Test provides clear evidence that Principle Approach demonstration schools graduated seniors whose Biblical worldview measured highest in the nation for the 4th year in a row.

We welcome donations of all sizes and payment plans – whether it’s a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program. 

There are three ways you can give to the ministry of FACE:

  1. By check, which can be mailed to The Foundation for American Christian Education, P.O. Box 9588, Chesapeake, Virginia 23321.
  2. Online giving through one of our safe and secure online gift-giving options. Just click here to give.
  3. We always welcome your donation by phone. Just call 800-352-3223.

Thank you for your sustaining support of FACE this year through your prayers and gifts. Please know that our staff prays for all our partners and works tirelessly to reinforce your efforts in upholding America’s Christian values and Biblical form of government. 

Thank you for making a difference.