• Plant the seeds of a Biblical Worldview and watch them grow March 21, 2019- Biblical worldview rests on foundational Biblical Principles: Part One in a series by Carole Adams To grow an apple tree, we plant a seed, not a cup of applesauce. The… Read More
  • Christian Education Initiative Launch March 21, 2019- Dear FACE Friends,To rebuild the culture multi-generationally, we must begin with teaching the children. At FACE, we know that every major issue of concern to Christians today began in America’s schoolrooms. … Read More
  • Come learn YOUR U.S. Constitution March 6, 2019- Constitution Leadership Initiative (CLI) will present a one-day seminar on the U.S. Constitution to encourage a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution among the American people.   Arm yourself with "the… Read More

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